GATE Online Test Series Is The Best Way To Benchmark Your Performance

Dedication and practice are the only keys to success. This is very true for GATE as well. It is a very competitive exam with thousands of aspiring engineers appearing for it and only few hundred successfully passing.

Reputed institutions like GATE Academy provide complete guidance and coaching to enhance the student’s preparations for this entrance exam. One of the best initiatives they have taken is providing online test and assessment resources.

These online test series is designed and developed by Gate Academy’s faculty comprising of experienced professors from reputes universities and GATE toppers. Attempting it will give you firsthand experience of the test pattern and the exam environment.

It comprises of:

-  Subject wise test attempted after completion of every subject. One test per subject and the results are emailed to the student

- More than 800 problems divided into various sections; this sectional online test series even comprises of descriptive solutions

- Our Mock online test series should be attempted by every GATE examinee. It exposes the student to the exam environment and helps them understand the quality of questions asked and the method to solve them. This series consists of two part-syllabus tests and ten full-length tests. The students receive a hard copy of the solutions plus and online video solutions for easy access.

- Another set of full-length practice test designed on the latest GATE exam patterns inclusive of the virtual calculator. Students can attempt this particular online test series at their own convenience.

- Keeping in mind the exam pattern, all tests concentrate on multiple choice questions and numerical data type questions

- Performance and result analysis on an All India basis

Guidance is every form is given by GATE academy. We help our students in understanding every problem and guiding them in the best possible way. Even post GATE exams we help students utilize their GATE score in the best possible way to get into reputed institutions and companies.

Continuously attempt the GATE online test series till you have gained knowledge and full confidence to attempt the exams. It also helps you eliminate fear and better your skill level.


Online Test Series for GATE Exam Preparation

Cracking GATE exam opens-up an ocean of possibilities for engineering students. It paves a path to pursue post-graduate programs in the top educational institutes and Science universities/laboratories of India.  A great Gate Score can give a head-start to your career. Gate score is the primary criteria for recruiting candidates in many PSU’s. Many GATE qualified candidates are given scholarship and assistance ship from MHRD of India. So, all the aspiring candidates should leave no stone unturned in GATE exam preparation.



The candidate should prepare and revise notes on each topic of the GATE paper he/she is appearing. It is advisable to take several mock tests for continuous evaluation of your technical skills. The best online mock test series is developed by the expert and experienced team of GATE ACADEMY.

Online All India GATE Test Series

It is a complete assessment tool for GATE applicants. It provides the students flexibility of giving the test and analysing their core performance at home. Online Test Series incorporates all the current changes introduced in GATE 2017. These tests enable you to identify and improve your weak subject areas. These tests promote real exam like environment. There are three categories of tests:

  • Basic topic wise tests
  • Advance Subject wise tests
  • Advance full length test

The online tests series is available in 5 main branches of engineering and there are 50 tests in each branch. These branches include:

  1. Electronics and Telecommunication
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Electronics & Instrumentation


How to enrol for the online test series?

  • VISIT and click on student login
  • Click on new registration and fill in all the details
  • Upload your recent photograph and your signature
  • After that you will be redirected as a guest to the home page of test series package
  • You can take one free mock test demo
  • For purchasing the test series, click on BUY PACKAGE button
  • Once the payment is done, you can visit MY TEST section to take the tests


Solutions to all the questions of every test is readily available. You can log in to view them any time. For effective GATE preparation join the best online test series by Gate academy now!



All About GATE Exam Preparation APPs

Cracking GATE exam for an engineering student is a dream come true. It is one of the toughest national level exam to crack.  GATE exam primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science aptitude of the engineering students. GATE score is basis for admission to post-graduate education programs in the esteemed universities and laboratories of India. You should leave no stone unturned while preparing for GATE exam.

People are now becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones for solving their queries or getting any task completed in no time. There is a mobile app for almost anything thing that you can think off. Why not to use mobile Apps for GATE exam preparation as well? There are variety of brilliant GATE exam preparation apps available for download. These apps are comprehensive, detailed, has rich learning content and gives you an advantage of preparing for GATE exam on the go.

Why GATE preparation apps?

  • You can carry study resources with you on your phone, access it from anywhere and take tests on the move.
  • There are a variety of GATE preparation apps to choose from. Many GATE apps have subject-wise tests which are designed for thorough coverage of the entire syllabus in an organized manner.
  • Pool of past years GATE exams with detailed solution is available through many GATE exam apps for practice and clarifying doubts.
  • A lot of apps have mock tests which contains set of Multiple Choice Questions ranging from basic to Advance level questions. Solving these mock tests enables concept building and enhances performance. 
  • A lot of GATE apps help you analyse your performance, give a report of relative ranking after you solve the mock tests.
  • After taking mock tests and subject wise tests on GATE apps, you can work on your weak areas and strengthen your concept clarity.

One such GATE app is developed by expert team of gate academy - Gate Academy Test Series App. Using Gate academy's test series app for exam preparation, a number of students got selected for IIT'S NIT'S and in PSU'S. Hurry! Download the app now on your phone and get access to more than 50 mock tests.


GATE 2017

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is administered and conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) on behalf of the National Coordination Board (NCB)-GATE, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India.

GATE is regarded as the benchmark test for engineering and science aptitude in facilitating admissions for higher education (M.Tech./Ph.D.) in IITs, IISc and various other reputed Institutes/ Universities/ Laboratories in India.

GATE score is also being used as one of the criteria for recruitment in Government Organizations such as Cabinet Secretariat, and National/State Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India.

GATE is held in 23 disciplines of engineering and science subjects. It checks the aptitude and understanding of a subject of a candidate. GATE score is valid for three years. All the candidates are advised to study sincerely and perform honestly in the examination. Since, GATE is one of the most prestigious exams, the number of candidates appearing for the exam is increasing exponentially each year. The GATE examination is of 3 hours duration with a maximum of 100 marks. The exams are computer based test having multiple choice questions and numerical answer type questions. The questions are mostly fundamental, concept based and thought provoking.

Many GATE qualified candidates are given financial assistance like paid-scholarships, funded by Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India and by other ministries.

Some changes are introduced and will apply for Gate 2017. The candidate can now use online calculator. The GATE syllabus has been revised and updated. Provision of Gate Exam answer key is made available. GATE 2017 examination shall be held for international candidates in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) as well.

Engineering students and science aspirants must appear for GATE 2017 exam as:

  • M.Tech candidates are offered- attractive Campus placements at National and International private or public companies
  • Many reputed PSUs and research organizations recruit on the basis of GATE Score
  • Teaching: Professor, Asst. Professor at IITs and other reputed educational institutes etc.
  • Junior Research Associates/ Senior Project Associates
  • Technical value addition
  • Domain specialization/ Expertise in Subject


For more details and latest news on GATE 2017 Examination, the aspirants can visit our website.

GATE 2017

If you want to increase your chances of succeeding in technology and engineering today, then you should definitely take Gate exam. It is one of the most competitive examinations in India. Getting an excellent score in Gate test is an ideal way to build a successful career based on knowledge and expertise.

In fact, a multitude of scholarships and fellowships take the Gate exam score into consideration when reviewing the applications. That’s just one example of benefits of this test. It enables you to keep up with constant developments in the field of engineering.


The chances are high you’ve already considered this examination, and you’ll be happy to know that Gate 2017 is waiting for you. Don’t hesitate, get inspired by previous students from our academy who’ve achieved great success thanks to Gate exam. In fact, you can visit our official website and check out all inspiring success stories.


Gate 2017 will retain some changes implemented this year, including revised and updated syllabus, provision of Gate 2017 answer key, online calculator for extra convenience and so much more. Our hard-working academic staff works hard to make Gate even better for students who come to us with a desire to succeed in the competitive market today.


Gate 2017 will provide a full array of advantages to the new students including experienced and dedicated staff willing to help, postal test series program, mock test, well-crafted study material, and so on.

This is a fantastic opportunity to join hundreds of students who were a part of this successful academy, got excellent scores and achieved great things in their career in India and abroad.  


Gate 2017 is waiting for determined and motivated students are yearning success. To help you out and make sure you pass the exam with an outstanding score, we have created useful Gate apps that will be a practical addition to your mission Gate 2017. The app will allow you to practice, keep track of your scores, identify where you make mistakes, and improve your chances of nailing that exam.


Make sure you visit our informative website to get educated about the academy, test, and Gate 2017 details. 

Gate Exam Preparation

Let’s face it; nobody really likes exams, but we have to take them anyway because they open doors to success. How many times have you studied for your exam only to realize the questions in front of you are largely unfamiliar? The exam was shocking in many ways because you didn’t know what to expect at all? These little and seemingly unimportant surprises can affect a student’s self-esteem and prevent him/her from showcasing their knowledge and skills.


Exams don’t have to be daunting events that are difficult to pass when you prepare thoroughly. That’s exactly why Gate Academy is different from all other academies and why scores from our tests are taken into consideration when students apply for fellowships, scholarships, and so on. Just by downloading the free app to the smartphone or tablet, students gain access to news and updates, their profile, bookmarks, contact form which allows them to contact us rapidly, and of course, the Gate exam preparation.


What’s that? The app features multiple tests that you can take to test and perfect your knowledge. When you’re done, you can check correct answers, score, your mistakes, and plan your next step to get even better score next time you take the test. Yes, part of the Gate exam preparation via the app is comparing your scores. That’s the best way to determine the level of progress, isn’t it?


Thanks to the thorough Gate exam preparation there are no surprises when you take the test, the form will be familiar, the type of questions and overall format. That way, you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge due to lack of stress, shock, and frustration. In turn, the score will be excellent, and your hard work will pay off.


Gate exam preparation is the perfect evidence of our motivation to help students develop and excel their skills to keep up with ever-changing engineering requirements. Everything Gate-related is available in the palm of your hand. This accessibility is one of many reasons why governmental institutions and reputable organizations hold Gate Academy in high regard.



To find out more about Gate exam preparation feel free to contact us. 

Gate Exam Preparation


Technology constantly evolves which is why we witness extraordinary progress in engineering at all times. In order to succeed today, one has to be able to keep up with constant changes, continuous evolution, and different demands that come with them. This is something you can’t do if you don’t have a solid foundation that prepares you (or your child) for everything that’s coming across. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get necessary technical education and keep up with global technological developments – Gate Academy and, of course, Gate Exam.

Gate refers to the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering and poses as an important step for every student to succeed in the engineering business today. Gate is, in fact, a single examination which leads to admission to multiple world-class institutions. It opens the door for students to have bright future they deserve. The reputation of Gate is indicated by the fact it poses as the most competitive examination in India.

Reasons, why you should enroll into Gate Academy and take Gate Exam, are numerous, but let’s start with the fact that a vast array of PSUs such as PGCIL, IOCL, HAL, and others take the Gate score into consideration. If you as a student or your child (in case you’re a parent) want to be a part of the crème de la crème, Gate is going to take you there.


It’s needless to mention that having a great score at the Gate Exam also helps you with the admissions to IIITs, NITs, IISC, and many other institutions that hold this exam in high regard. Other benefits of this examination include eligibility for the award of Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories and other sponsored projects.

Good result at this exam also makes a student eligible for numerous government-sponsored programs, fellowships, scholarships, and so on. Our informative website also features Success Stories, an inspiring section where you can read stories and experiences that other students had as well as benefits they got from the Academy and exam itself.


Gate Exam is every student's ticket to the ability to keep up with engineering and technology developments today; it prepares students for success. Due to tons of benefits, the significance of the exam and the scores accomplished, and other factors, Gate is something that you should consider.

Feel free to contact us to find out more.   

Gate Exam