All About GATE Exam Preparation APPs

Cracking GATE exam for an engineering student is a dream come true. It is one of the toughest national level exam to crack.  GATE exam primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science aptitude of the engineering students. GATE score is basis for admission to post-graduate education programs in the esteemed universities and laboratories of India. You should leave no stone unturned while preparing for GATE exam.

People are now becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones for solving their queries or getting any task completed in no time. There is a mobile app for almost anything thing that you can think off. Why not to use mobile Apps for GATE exam preparation as well? There are variety of brilliant GATE exam preparation apps available for download. These apps are comprehensive, detailed, has rich learning content and gives you an advantage of preparing for GATE exam on the go.

Why GATE preparation apps?

  • You can carry study resources with you on your phone, access it from anywhere and take tests on the move.
  • There are a variety of GATE preparation apps to choose from. Many GATE apps have subject-wise tests which are designed for thorough coverage of the entire syllabus in an organized manner.
  • Pool of past years GATE exams with detailed solution is available through many GATE exam apps for practice and clarifying doubts.
  • A lot of apps have mock tests which contains set of Multiple Choice Questions ranging from basic to Advance level questions. Solving these mock tests enables concept building and enhances performance. 
  • A lot of GATE apps help you analyse your performance, give a report of relative ranking after you solve the mock tests.
  • After taking mock tests and subject wise tests on GATE apps, you can work on your weak areas and strengthen your concept clarity.

One such GATE app is developed by expert team of gate academy - Gate Academy Test Series App. Using Gate academy's test series app for exam preparation, a number of students got selected for IIT'S NIT'S and in PSU'S. Hurry! Download the app now on your phone and get access to more than 50 mock tests.


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